Always Strange

Illustrator, Sculptor, Mixed Media Artist

Bodies and anatomy have always fascinated me. My goal, when developing a style, was to achieve an understanding of the human form - enough to be able to manipulate its shapes. Lumpy deformities, rogue hairs and exposed erogenous zones soften and humanize these creatures in my eyes, making them feel more relatable. I use inexpensive and oftentimes recycled materials, rejoicing at the multi-functionality of toilet paper, glitter, finger paint and Elmer’s glue. My creative process is often unstructured, with adventitious subject matter and composition.

Always Strange creatures are grotesque and odd-looking because they represent the underdogs - the nonconformist subgroups that exist in every culture, clique and community. They are the rebels, the untouchables, the band geeks, circus freaks and the losers. They're widely ignored and often misunderstood. But what unifies them is their same needs and desires as everyone else's for love, attention and affection. As an artist, Always Strange explores the space of empathy and compassion for creatures we naturally find easy to judge or reject. 

These characters carry symbolic meaning and mirror life events as the artist interprets them. Each one chronicles a story of social misfit but also possesses socially acceptable traits and characteristics. Each one is packed with conversation-starting dialogue if one is willing to venture into that territory. Always Strange views her creations as little snapshots of life in our society.