Always Strange

Illustrator, Sculptor, Mixed Media Artist

This is a year long collaborative project with my dear friend and fellow artist Alexander D'Agostino. It's called The Sketchbook Project and it consists of a small pre-purchased sketchbook that we took turns filling up. Once we finished we sent our sketchbook back to the Brooklyn Art Library where it will go on the road and be on display for all to see throughout the United States. Alex and I first collaborated artistically when we first met back in 2002 (high school) and we are still doing it, regardless of our physical proximity to each other. Although his craft has taken a different form over the years (he's an amazing performance/movement artist) he has agreed to work on 2D fine drawings and has incorporated mixed media onto the pages, which he then mailed to me to complete. I had such a great time working on this little project that I wanted to share how a single page was created.